“I recently purchased a smart home security system during a door to door sales. I’m normally very hesitant but Dirk and co. were absolutely informative and honest about their system and what it could provide. Our family has been very happy about this system and even more so with the level of customer service. I was so impressed that I had another system installed for my elderly mother which has also been perfect for her. I feel comfortable knowing that if my mother needs help, she has the right system set up for her. Highly recommend this company.” – Mitch
I am very pleased with the system. The technician was helpful and very professional , Thank you” – Doreen
“I got the whole package from empower. Alarm, skybell, smart lock… etc. great installer, very friendly reps for the company and I’m very happy with the products and the services. Have had the system for just over 4 months. Very easy to use system and very modern equipment, can use from anywhere thru my smart phone, I can even adjust my thermostat and turn on my lights from my phone. When the doorbell rings, I get to see who it is from my phone. My wife is very happy with it. “HAPPY WIFE! HAPPY LIFE!” – Lilovunky 
“One of the easiest systems to use! We opted in for the full package which includes, the alarm system, thermostat, sky bell (door bell camera), garage door opener, smoke detector, smart lock all for such an affordable price!The system is so easy to use, with the touch of a button I can control the temperature from work or anywhere I have cell data/WiFi using the App. This has lowered my heating/cooling bill drastically. I would highly recommend this system to anyone looking for an all in one security system. Bonus: the equipment is not only Hi Tech but goes beautifully with any decor!” – Yelda
“2 guys came by my door and explained the current crime situation in my part of Surrey. At first I felt a bit uncomfortable but once they shared some tips on how to keep me safe I knew they had good intentions. After listening to what their system could do and the price point it was a no brainer. We are super happy with our decision!” – Rachel 
“This company’s home smart system is a great product which enables convenience and peace of mind solution into one simple app. My parent’s home have this system and Ray (the owner and his team) does an amazing work from explaining the right option to ensuring the system is stalled and follow up service is in place after. Highly recommend them to anyone seeking to keep their family and home safe from the unexpected incident.” – Sayed
“Purchased a smart security system and am very happy with it. Door to door sales guy was not pushy, but rather took the time to explain everything and answered all my questions. A week later I decided to go ahead with the purchase and installation, which they were able to do the following day. Again nothing but polite and knowledgeable service. I definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a new security company.” – Ryan 
“Very professional and knowledgeable. If you want to protect your house/office with excellent service, sign up with Empower Security. Very customer oriented.
“A sales person came to my house the other day. Was very friendly and knowledgeable. I was a bit skeptical at first but after my own research choose this Company. Fast, efficient people – will recommend to all who might need their services” – Oleg
“Knowledgeable reps, awesome smart home equipment and competitively priced. A lot of low end companies out there, happy to have met the empower team.” Luis
“The fastest installation. They answer my phone calls on time. Easy to understand the technology and excellent price.
I will stay with the company for many years to come.
I’m very happy.” – Pedro
“I had a rep show up at my door, he was respectful and patient and very knowledgeable. The system they use seems like it should cost double what they charge. I can see everything at home and operate the system from my cell phone. I love it!” – Jeremy 
“These guys exceeded my expectations on all fronts! Love the system and the staff. Great job Empower!” – Cesar
“Empower Security is SO awesome. The guys were really helpful and the technology was super easy to use. Installation was quick and exactly what I needed. Thanks so much guys!” – Narpinder
“Great company , amazing service! I had a fantastic experience after starting off a little skeptical I was pleasantly surprised to find they are both honest and ethical with customer service as their main focus!!! What more can you ask for? Peace of mind is definitely Empowering! 5 stars is an understatement!” – Jason 
“5 stars” – Scott
“Outstanding service from the time I contacted them, right through to delivery of my new security system.
Easy to deal with, very knowledgeable representative who took the time to put together and explain the best option for my home.
Would definitely recommend them!” – Smith 
“I totally recommend Empower security to all people out there.
I am so happy we got it and it’s working great 🙂
They have great friendly staff and sales person.” – Shiva 

“Signed up with Empower Security for my real estate brokerage/office.

1) Was super impressed by the technology offered, now my agents can get into the office using a cell phone app, or a key code which identifies them
2) The installation was easy and only took the installer a couple hours and then I was up and running.
3) The instructions on using it were very straight forward from the installer
4) will definitely use again if I open up more offices and already requested one for my home!

Thanks guys

-T” – Taylor 

“Great service, great product. Everything a person needs.” – Guillermo
“My neighbor suggested I give these guys a call. On the same day I called, one of their reps came by and explained everything in simple and concise terms. Booked the installation for a week from today. Looking forward to use the product!” – Sasha
“MY experience with these guys has been great! Great service and the staff are wonderful.” – Ross
“Very customer oriented, had a very pleasant experience with both the sales rep and installer.They were able to answer all my questions with ease and seem very trustworthy. I’ve had no problems with the system and would recommend anyone to go with this local company.” – Danny 
“I highly recommend Empower Security, both the system and the staff are superb. The installation process was quick and simple. The guys were very knowledgeable and attentive and handled all my questions with ease. I have been very impressed overall.” – Janine 
“Excellent service. These guys were a big help!” – Cote
“These guys are extremely professional when they came to home. I appreciate their honestly and professionalism. I’m glad I chose them to install security system at my home! Strongly recommend these guys to those who are looking to protect their loved ones!” – Tom 
” 5 Stars” – Nikita 
“I would highly recommend Empower Security because of the exceptional customer service. Everything is simple to operate and they use the highest quality equipment.
I can sleep much better now.” – Diane 
“Sales rep came to our door 4 days ago and explained us about home automation. I’m very pleased that we decided to go ahead with the system. Sales rep was very professional, installation went in next day and installer was very helpful with all the questions. its the first home automation system we’ve ever had and we are loving it. Thank you Empower !” – Walter
“I’ve seen no other company that treats it’s clients like this. Outstanding! – Sam
“5 Stars” – Nat 
“5 Stars” – Ali
“Great and professional team!” – Jacky 
“5 Stars” – Bobby